2019 Fundraising Goal: $21,750

Raised so far:  22,485 !!!

for two scoreboards for the Boys and Girls Hastings High School Soccer Fields.  Additional proceeds go towards scholarships.


$100,735 !!!



19th Annual and FINAL...

Jonathon Reiber Memorial Soccer Festival

Saturday, July 27, 2019



Due to the success last year, we will be hosting again another 13 and under game(s)!  This will not be a full tournament like the 14 and over section.  They will play one game at noon.  Registration will be from 10-11 am.  There is some flexibility around team sizes, players on the field, and the number of teams we have.  This will be determined by the number of participates we have.  See below some details around this exciting expansion we are doing this year. 

13 and Under Games

-There will be two age groups:  8-10 and 11-13

-Each age group will play one game consisting of (2) - 20 minute halves.

-Number of teams and number of players on each team will be determined day of the festival after all registrations are complete.

-Same rules for the 14 and under tournament apply except we will have a referee for each game.



-If you are 19 or older...please sign this form yourself.

-If you are under the age of 19, you will need a parent to sign in order to participate.

-We MUST have a properly signed form in order to participate.

16 Scholarship Winners
16 Scholarship Winners

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16 Winners
16 Winners

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16 Tents
16 Tents

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16 Scholarship Winners
16 Scholarship Winners

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...also honoring fallen friends and teammates
Zach Anderson
Martin Briseno
Mulbah Jackson
Camille Pittman
Brett Witt


Time:   Registration is at 9 a.m. Games begin at 10 a.m.
Cost to Play: FREE!!!
Location:   Hastings High School Soccer Fields
Preferred Ages:   Coed 14 and Up
Teams:   5 v 5 Teams are drawn randomly
Format:   3 Round robin games + SemiFinals and Finals


*** You do not form a team.  Just show up during the registration time and we will randomly form teams before the games begin.


The day consists of a 5 v 5, small goal tournament on 50x35 yd. field. There will also be a free BBQ lunch, t-shirt sales, raffle and finally scholarships given out in honor of the fallen friends and teammates of the Hastings soccer community. Please go to "2014 Festival" for the days schedule and rules.

A Letter from the Founder:

19 years.  19 years!  Who would’ve thought when we put together the first Jonathon Reiber Memorial Soccer Festival in a month’s time back in 2001, we would be here in 2019 about to host our 19th and final one.  Being honest, not me.  When the idea came to me it was as simple as let’s get some people together and play this sport Jon and I and others love so much without all the complaining and fighting and selfish play.  Let me go back to how this all started. 


It was late spring or early summer of 2001.  A bunch of us former HHS and current HC guys and girls were playing pickup like we did every Tuesday out at the Smith Complex Soccer Fields.  It wasn’t fun.  People were arguing all over the place.  Cheap shots were being taken both physically and verbally.  Passing the ball was non-existent as players were not playing a team game.  A couple of us afterwards, sitting on the grass, were talking about how ashamed Jon would be had he been there.  You see, Jon was extremely talented, but was always super positive.  Very competitive, yet understood it was a game and refs and teammates and oppositions make mistakes.  He never seemed to lose his cool.  It was almost like he knew his time playing the sport he loved so much wasn’t going to be very long and he made sure to cherish every second playing it.  As we talked about Jon and his mindset, I got the idea (spurred by the movie “Mystery, Alaska”) to have a day “Remembering Why We Play.”  A day where the local soccer community can come out and compete, but with the mindset that it is a privilege to play this sport.  A day where you want to try to win, but HOW you win is just as important as winning itself.  A day to remember Jon and what he stood for on and off the field.  A day to create awareness that drinking and driving kills.  And a day to simply celebrate being alive.


BC of this focus, I didn’t want the tournament to be like most other tournaments where teams our built with the single goal in mind of making it the best team possible to win.  I wanted a day where we could come out, and play with people we normally wouldn’t.  A day where a 60 yr old guy may be on a team with a 14 yr old girl and a 20 year old college player.  So we decided to do a pickup random draw day of the tournament.  And this aspect is what makes the day so unique.  You may get lucky and get a stacked team.  Some may say when it’s 90 degrees outside you may get lucky and get a weaker team.  But the randomness, the diversity and inclusion is what makes this day have a certain charm to it.  Of course, I am biased, but I think this day stands above any other tournaments I have been a part of for this reason. 


We also wanted to make this a free day.  Although we want to raise money for scholarships, I didn’t want anyone to ever question if they can afford to play in this tournament.  Soccer all over the world is played, and done is so in some of the poorest places.  All you need is a ball and can make goals from trash, or sticks.  That is what makes this sport so popular around the world. I didn’t want to lose that element by charging a fee.  We also wanted to provide lunch, snacks and drinks for those who come out for the same reason.  We wanted players to only have to worry about having fun playing the game of soccer.  


Next came the idea of scholarships.  How can we give back to the community?  Giving out scholarships to selected winners seemed like the most rewarding way to do so.  But we didn’t want to give to the best players.  We wanted to give to those that played with the best attitude and effort.  Played with heart and made those around them better.  When you think about Jon, part of what made him such an incredible player was he had an impeccable attitude and gave unbelievable effort.  He played with heart and made everyone else around him better by being a team player.  Over the past 18 years we have given out 93 scholarships totally $78,250!


That brings us to this year and our final festival.  Since announcing a couple years ago that this festival will be the final one, I have been thinking of ways to keep Jon’s legacy going along with the important message that drinking and driving kills.  I thought about the High School fields we have used for the festival.  You see, these fields were first built and used for the ’96 high school soccer season.  Jon and I were freshmen that year so we were the very first team to play on these fields.  Back then they were rock hard and the grass was like pine needles.  The pitch itself (field) have changed over the years.  The grass is a lush green.  But the surroundings haven’t changed too much.  One key element was missing.  Scoreboards!  You see, scoreboards are more than just a device to tell the score of the game.  It is a statement.  You aren’t just playing on a random field, you are playing on the field of the Hastings Tigers.  This is the Tigers home!  It gives players a sense of pride.  It gives legitimacy to their home pitch.  This is their house!  So this final year, we are switching primary focus from scholarships (although anything additional raised will go towards scholarships) to getting Hastings Senior High school two scoreboards.  One for the girls and boys field.  These scoreboards will let visitors know this is the home of the Hastings Tigers.  They will also honor Jonathon Reiber as well as messaging regarding drinking and driving.  In order to get these scoreboards, we will need to raise $15,000 by or around June 1st to have them installed by the festival on July, 27th. 


We need the communities help to reach this goal.  The Hastings and surrounding communities have been absolutely amazing over these past 18 years.  The festival would not be what it is today without the support of businesses and individuals.  I am eternally grateful for the support we have received.  We need one more final year of not just the same support, but doubling or tripling the support we have received in the past.  I am writing this letter to give insight on the history of this festival as well as create awareness and a call to action to help us reach this goal.  Anything you can and are willing to do to help us get this initiative out would be absolutely amazing.  Any donation made is massively appreciated.


Donations can be made online at: https://www.reiberfestival.com/donate

Or a check payable to:  Jonathon Reiber Festival

Sent to:

Larissa Knudsen

13909 Pine St

Omaha, NE 68144


Thank you for your time, consideration and support. 




Jason Marr


Jonathon Reiber Memorial Soccer Festival